Monavie's Virtual Office Turns Virtual Prospects Into Real Customers

Published: 13th July 2010
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You can log on to - the official website address of MonaVie business opportunity which is valuable to those who are desiring to buy their products or those who want to join MonaVie. For this reason, we are going to check out the website to enlighten the readers about hte advantages and disadvantages of the company website.

When you go to, your eyes will immediately be drawn to the flashy graphics that show various MonaVie bottles being splashed with water in an aesthetically pleasing display that makes me feel like I'm being cleansed just by looking at it. Across the top of the website are dropdown boxes that patrons can scroll over. Upon doing so, a wealth of subcategories dropdown for the visitor to select at their desire. Like many websites, has categories for the product, the opportunity, and the company itself. These three things are what most companies do and SHOULD offer potential investors at bare minimum.

The fact is that all MLM companies have these three things or they wouldn't be in existence. It is the other things that has in its dropdown menus ( or doesn't have ) that sets them apart from other companies in the industry. Unfortunately the other two major points of interest MonaVie decides to offer the general public include two very weak elements.

The first one is obviously the meetings option, due to the fact that by choosing the 'regional meetings' side bar, the site requires you to register for a certain meeting, that they say will take place in the near future (or not). That being said, it's clear that for someone looking to join MonaVie, this is not good news, since it doesn't offer information.

'Newsletter' is the second button and after clicking this someone will burst out laughing because at this the freakin' page finished loading. The page which is about a paragraph down gives another opportunity to the visitors to register for the regional meeting which will take place over a month from today. It is added that though some newsletters can be beneficial to marketers and health freaks, most of the times they will not be useful to the subscribers as they will be filled with mindless jargons.

And now comes the good part. The part MonaVie looks to have made only to redeem their shameful 'Newsletter' and 'Regional meeting'. I'm of course talking about the 'Virtual Office'. With this option, MonaVie is offering its distributors something amazing: the single, most complete customer database ever made. Don't know what I'm talking about? It's called the Internet.

You see, the fact that MonaVie reps can have their own personalized website allows them to leverage an entirely fresh and flourishing amount of traffic. This is something that might even seem unavailable to other distributors who don't realize the amount of people who 'surf the web' on a daily basis.

MonaVie's eye-candy graphics and detailed information is quite impressive, to say the least, but that would still leave it in the same boat as its fellow competitors. If you're a MonaVie distributor, dreaming of building an important downline, you, unlike MonaVie's newsletters, must channel your energies into developing your marketing, making available to as much audience as possible.

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